Precarious Work and Low income Research Project

The objective of the precarious work and low income research project is to produce empirical research on the nature and size of the stock of precarious workers, the unemployed and the poor. Currently several measures are used by national statistical agencies, academics and researchers to produce policy and income transfers aimed at reducing the size and conditions of living without enough. Many of such measures fail to accomodate the true nature of needs and requirements of individuals encapulated within low age work and poverty. We know precarious work has been on the rise, we know income inequality has grown. The research will attempt through a variety of means to innovate within the data structures that now contretize and define official measures of low income- precarious work and such. The project will be made up of several parts. From the development of a new Good Jobs Index- to assessing such policies as the new Basic Income initiative now being experimented.

Some tools and  that will be used:


Building a Good Jobs Index- Explorations in the development of a new labour market indicator

LivingWork has committed to the research and construction of a labour market indicator that will allow the public, policy makers, union leaders and businesses people to assess the quantity and diversity of good jobs that exist within the prevailing labour markets. The goal will be to establish a measure that is timely, periodically produced, statistically reliable and peer reviewed. It is hoped that once a historical assessment of the index is completed and released, that the measure will become a leading indicator within the National and Provincial centers for labour market information.




The notion of a good job pervades the social fabric of most developed counties no matter what it's political stripe-  it is the anvil on which the economy builds its success.

For a worker- having a good job, that pays a decent wage with adequate benefits within a workplace that has safe and healthy working conditions has far reaching influences much beyond the realm of the economic.

A good job empowers our social being- it engages the political realm and for most Canadians, it epitomizes the hopes, dreams and aspirations as it offers the sole means to ascend the ladder into a lifestyle that qualitatively provides a much more diverse and rewarding human experience.

For over a year- Livingwork has been researching, discussing, presenting and  developing the required work on a critical path to establishing this measure.  Plenty of progress has been made and we are hoping that by the end of summer a report will be released.


Check back at this website for ongoing updates and information on the progression of this project.


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