Statistical Services

Expertise and services offered


  •  traditional statistical analysis- unvariate, anova, regression, cluster analysis, factor analysis, discriminant analysis, time series analysis and forecasting
  • machine learning- logistic regression, decision trees, K- means clustering, Support Vector Machines
  • neural network design- specializing in image analysis, sattelite image detection, natural language processing, sentiment analysis
    • convolutional neural netorks
    • recurrent neural networks
    • unsupervised neural networks
  • - data preparation and research support
  • - report writing
  • - survey and questionnaire design
  • - online surveying, sampling strategies, and sample size selection


Clients Include:

Canadian Union of Public Employees
Communication Energy and Paperworkers Union
Public Service Alliance of Canada
Professional Institute for Public Service Employees
Alberta Federation of Labour
British Columbia Federation of Labour
York University
Laval University
McMaster University
Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives
Parkland Institute
Council Of Canadians


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